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Review: Thorns of Lust by Eva Winners

My husband.
His secrets.
Our tragedy.

I thought I knew him. I didn’t. I thought he was trustworthy. He wasn’t.

But nothing in this world is as it seems.

I caught the attention of the most notorious man in the underworld.

Konstantin wasn’t the type to be ignored. He commanded his criminal empire with an iron fist but he had secrets of his own.

But I was Tatiana Nikolaev. I’d never bend to a man’s will or be used as a pawn. Not again.

The moment I tempted the fates and played with fire, life spiraled out of control.

My only way of survival was to trust again.

But could I?

This story instantly pulled me in and I could not put it down. Tatianna’s story starts with action and the fast pace never stops. There’s tragedy, suspense, mystery and the mysterious stranger, Illias Konstantin, all wrapped around Tatianna but she wants nothing to do with any of it. She’s grieving and doesn’t have the bandwidth for anything else but soon finds herself fighting for her life. There’s something familiar about Illias, but she knows he’s bad news so she’s determined to ignore the attraction between them. It won’t take much since she’s too mired in grief over her husband to care about anyone or anything else. As she begins to adjust to her new reality, Tatianna demands answers. Who would kill her husband and why did Illias save her from the same fate? Why was he ever there?

Everyone around her knows Adrian was a snake, but she has no idea. Nobody’s willing to break the news in her current, fragile state but Tatianna is done being in the dark and sets out to find answers to all of her questions. She’s amazing, a complete badass in every way, even when she’s falling apart.

This story has a lot of moving parts and a large cast of secondary characters but it’s absolutely riveting. The fast pace is perfect and it’s easy to follow despite the complexities of the story. The characters have depth so they pulled me into the world completely. I read this book in one night because I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. The cliffhanger would have been painful but luckily I had the next book already in hand. I received an ARC from Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review.

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