About Me

Mom, wife and professional goofball. Prolific reader and pontificator of heartfelt reviews. Romantic suspense author.

Reading has always been my #1 and mysteries are holy grail. It began with Trixie Belden and the Hardy Boys, graduating to JD Robb and Greg Iles. From the whimsical antics of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum to the grit and shock of Dennis Lehane’s Kenzie and Gennaro series, I love them all. It eventually developed into a full-blown true crime addiction that’s given me endless writing material.

My preference for contemporary romance may seem a bit out of place in contrast, but all those HEA endings balance the darkness. It began with a single book, Pretty Reckless by LJ Shen. That rainy day read quickly became a driving need to consume first the Sinners of Saint series then led me to Adriana Locke, Penelope Douglas, Siobhan Davis, Helena Hunting and many more.

I’ve been writing my own mysteries and thrillers for years but there was always something missing until I discovered romance novels. Only then did I find my perfect formula. Now I publish under the pen name Daisy Knox and can’t write fast enough to get all the ideas out. My first book Go For Broke was published in 2021 and it’s just the beginning. I have tons of ideas and characters to put into the world.

Promoting indie authors has become a goal since I know firsthand how tough it is to be one. I share promos for far more books than I can possibly read and review the ones I love the most. This blog is a place to share the stories I love and hopefully introduce them to new readers. In addition to book reviews, there are teasers and previews, cover reveals, release blitzes, blog tours, bonus content, author interviews and so much more.

Besides reading, I love podcasts and hope to one day write the scene where Cady is interviewed by Nick and the Captain on True Crime Garage because it’s my absolute favorite. I’m obsessed with music and my entire life has a soundtrack so every story has one, too. I live with my husband and son, who are my biggest supporters, and we have the world’s derpiest but most lovable dog.

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