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Review: Burnt by Allyson Charles

If you can’t stand the heat…

When a bullet takes Marine Raider Travis Kowalski temporarily off active duty, he thinks a little R&R with a sexy jam maker is just what the doctor ordered. But he’s about to learn that this woman might just be too hot to handle.

Willow Janna has her daughter, her jam and jelly store, and a schedule she won’t let anyone mess with. Who has time for dating when she has payroll to file and PTA meetings to attend? But she’s never met anyone like this Raider before. He’s tenacious, single-minded and has her believing that chemistry is more than just a reaction on her stovetop.

It’s more than just her heart in danger of going up in flames, however. Someone has decided to put her out of business, by any means necessary. Unless she and Travis can discover who’s put a bullseye on her back, her life just might go up in smoke.

Travis might be my favorite guy from this series, even though I didn’t think anyone would wrestle that title from Chris. He’s taken with Willow from the first moment he sees her and he’s all in right away. She needs some convincing before she’s willing to give him a shot. Willow’s juggling her struggling jam business while raising her daughter alone and life is a lot right now, so dating isn’t a priority. But she quickly realizes Travis plans to hang around, waiting until she’s willing to give him a chance.

It’s a good thing he does because Willow has no idea that she’s in danger. She’s been experiencing a series of unfortunate mishaps and bemoaning her bad luck, but it’s not luck at all. Someone’s trying to destroy her life and Travis knows exactly what to do. This is short and sweet but full of action and steam.

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