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Go For Broke is now available

In this romantic thriller, Cady Blackwell has always played it safe and never taken chances but her life is complicated and disappointing nonetheless. She has a stalker to catch, a sketchy job to escape from and has sworn off dating after a long string of losers. 

Cady decides to follow her instincts for a change, playing detective to catch her stalker, but she’s soon in way over her head. Cady just wants to stay alive and avoid prison but she’s in danger with no idea who she can trust.  

She’s fighting off the advances of a rich playboy and determined to ignore the sexy stranger who just resurfaced from her past. The last thing she needs is a distraction because a killer’s set his sights on her and won’t give up. Cady’s only chance for survival is to put all of her faith in the instincts she’s never trusted before. It’s time to go for broke and it will either save her life or cost her everything, there’s no middle ground.  

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Go For Broke by Daisy Knox
Go For Broke by Daisy Knox - Release Blitz

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