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Review: Thorns of Love by Eva Winners

My husband.
His secrets.
Our tragedy.

I thought I knew him. I didn’t. I thought he was trustworthy. He wasn’t.

But nothing in this world is as it seems.

I caught the attention of the most notorious man in the underworld.

Konstantin wasn’t the type to be ignored. He commanded his criminal empire with an iron fist but he had secrets of his own.

But I was Tatiana Nikolaev. I’d never bend to a man’s will or be used as a pawn. Not again.

The moment I tempted the fates and played with fire, life spiraled out of control.

My only way of survival was to trust again.

But could I?

Tatiana has a real love-hate relationship with Illias. She thinks it’s just lust at first but eventually realizes she’s in denial because she’s in love with this man. He’s known for years that they’re meant to be together and he’d been biding his time all those years, so he’s willing to wait a little longer, until she figures it out for herself. I loved the way he was just so sure and never had a single doubt that they were meant to be. Things were much different for her. For so long, she’d believed that Adrian was her forever and now realizes she never really knew Adrian at all. She has so many questions and nobody is giving her answers, not her brother and definitely not Illias.

Tatiana can’t live without knowing and nothing is going to stop her from finding out the truth about Adrian. I didn’t think she could get any better but then she kidnaps the sister of a mob boss, sends his private plane on a wild-goose chase to Africa and cuts the battery wires to more than a dozen SUVs to ensure nobody can chase her.

The action slows a bit in the second book, but the suspense and intrigue are off the charts so it’s a good balance. Illias and Tatianna continue to be fire and ice since she’s addicted to this man but still not sure if he can be trusted. These two bring the heat, even when she has her doubts about him and thinks it’s temporary. I loved Illias and Tatianna’s story in every way: the world, the cast, the mysteries and mafia complications but especially the main characters. I can’t wait for more of this series and though I can’t say who’s story comes next without being a spoiler, I will say I absolutely can’t wait for the next book in the series. I received an ARC from Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review.

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