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Coming Soon: The Lies Beneath by Bri Blackwood

The Lies Beneath by Bri Blackwood: Privilege has its secrets… Westwick University is known for its prestige and pedigree for hundreds of years. Many people would die to come here… And some have come here and died. There are lies buried within these walls that the world doesn’t know about. But I do.

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Review: Thorne Princess by LJ Shen

Thorne Princess by LJ Shen: I landed in hot water with the tabloids one too many times. What can I say? My nipple wanted to come out and say hi to the paparazzi. After that, my father presented me with an ultimatum—either he cuts off the gravy train and stops paying for my lavish lifestyle or I agree to have a live-in bodyguard. And by bodyguard, I mean a sexy, formidable, out-of-this-world babysitter who just happens to be good at breaking spines. Ransom Lockwood, ladies and gentlemen.

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Blog Tour: Tempting the Neighbor by Ashley Munoz

Excerpt from Tempting the Neighbor by Ashley Munoz: At the end of the hall was a closed door, which of course I opened because what if Colson was secretly hiding dead bodies. If more people would be nosy, I was positive more crimes would be solved. But as soon as that door cracked, my eyes rounded, and my jaw hung loose. It wasn’t the massive king-size bed, with no feathers or silk in sight, that got me. It wasn’t his elaborate record collection or his deep-set leather chair that faced his backyard, or the billion-inch television mounted on the wall. No, what had me fully arrested was the soaking tub in his bathroom, complete with jets and a soft pillow neck rest. The urge to relax and let the stress of the morning slip away was too strong to resist. I let out a sigh, tugged off my shirt and whispered, “Come to Mama.”

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ARC Review: The Hustler Next Door by KA Tucker

The Hustler Next Door by KA Tucker: Justine MacDermott is in what she would call a transition period: squatting in her best friend’s house and working in an appliance store in Polson Falls while the man she was supposed to marry starts a new life with someone else. She’s definitely not thinking about slashing his tires and wishing his vital extremities would fall off.

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Review: One Bossy Date by Nicole Snow

One Bossy Date by Nicole Snow: Never sweat the small stuff, they say. How about when you wake up with a giant stranger showering in your hotel room? There's nothing tiny about Brock Winthrope. He even roars like a lion when he sees me. I scream back. And after narrowly avoiding a murder scene, we've got trouble.