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Review: Letting Go At 40 by LB Dunbar

Letting Go At 40 by LB Dunbar: She didn’t think it could ever happen again. Love that is. And it definitely shouldn’t be happening with him. A bereaved widow finds herself with a chance at love after loss with the most unlikely of people: her late husband’s best friend.

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ARC Review: The Hustler Next Door by KA Tucker

The Hustler Next Door by KA Tucker: Justine MacDermott is in what she would call a transition period: squatting in her best friend’s house and working in an appliance store in Polson Falls while the man she was supposed to marry starts a new life with someone else. She’s definitely not thinking about slashing his tires and wishing his vital extremities would fall off.

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ARC Review: Man Hunt by Vanessa Vale

Man Huntby Vanessa ValeOn A Manhunt book 1Available December 27thMan Hunt on AmazonMy Rating: What’s worse than spilling coffee all over my billionaire boss? Accidentally emailing him my answers to a sex quiz. That was me. I did that. I might be a genius, but that was really dumb.I sneak into the office to delete… Continue reading ARC Review: Man Hunt by Vanessa Vale