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Excerpt: Sinful Knight by Tracy Lorraine

Excerpt from Sinful Knight by Tracy Lorraine: The rumble of an engine around the corner hits my ears and I pick up speed, more than ready to be locked safely inside and away from this darkness. Anything could happ— My heart jumps and a scream rips up my throat, but it’s muffled by the hand that claps over my mouth.

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Review: Corrupt Union by Tracy Lorraine

Corrupt Union by Tracy Lorraine: I found everything I didn’t know I needed. Accepted forgiveness I didn’t deserve. She fought for us. Killed for us. She was one of us. And there was no way I was letting her go… again."

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Best Romance Releases of 2022

The best romance releases of 2022

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Review: Corrupt Princess by Tracy Lorraine

Corrupt Princess by Tracy Lorraine: "I learned from a very young age that the only person I could count on was myself. For years I’ve been content with meaningless one-night stands and zero promises for tomorrow. I had a good thing going, until he crashed his way into my life… and heart, and wrecked them both. Nico Cirillo."

Book Review, Favorites, Romance Review, Romance Serial

Review: Corrupt Knight by Tracy Lorraine

Corrupt Knight by Tracy Lorraine: The night we met, she was just another one-night stand. We were never meant to see each other again, and my best friend certainly wasn't supposed to go and fall in love with her best friend. Collateral damage... she's already broken my biggest rule when we hooked up for a second, third, fourth, and maybe a few more times.

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Teaser Tuesday

DARK LEGACY, the #12th book in the Knights Ridge series, by @tracy_l_author is now available!  Read an excerpt here: Grab it today!! and Batman's story is EPIC, even for this amazing series. I can't get enough of these two. See the review of Dark Legacy for details (no spoilers!). Bloody Cruel Monster, an explosive dark… Continue reading Teaser Tuesday