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Flashback Friday: A Look Back to July 2022

There seems to be an infinite amount of books in the world so I have an irrational fear that somewhere out there is my next favorite author, who’s written the greatest story in the history of the world with the most loveable characters and their absolutely magical world, but I’ll never come across it.

It’s a valid fear, right? I consume as many books as I can jam into my life between writing, family, work and all the other responsibilities, but that still leaves gazillions unread. That’s why I’m so excited to find books I enjoy and why I love to share them. I mean, consider it: every review you post or recommendation you share will lead some lovely stranger to their new favorite book, author, character or series.

In light of that, I present my favorite reads from one year ago so they may find their way onto the screens of new fans everywhere.

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