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Review: Dark Princess by Tracy Lorraine

I was playing with fire. I knew that.

I’m the one who lit the match.

But the possibility of getting burned still wasn’t enough to stop me.

I wasn’t only dancing with the devil.

But his brother… and our enemy.

Everything was going to come crashing down around my feet… it was inevitable.

I just never expected it to happen quite so fast.

Holy mother of hotness, Batman is easily my favorite. And yes, I’m still calling him Batman even though we all know who he is by now. I generally don’t read a series until it’s complete because I’m not a patient person. I do make exceptions and sometimes suffer for it, but it’s always worth it. This is one of the worst. Calli and Batman’s story has been the most intense of them all for me, ever since Dark Halloween Knight came out. I was instantly hooked and waiting impatiently for more. I loved Dark Knight and though it ended on a cliffhanger, I was expecting it and accepted it. Of course, I expected it here too but was hoping it wouldn’t be too brutal. Spoiler alert: it may be the cruelest cliffy of the series so far. It might be the most painful cliffhanger I’ve ever experienced.

Calli and Batman started out hot and heavy but their relationship morphs into a love/hate thing because of the dark circumstances surrounding their world. Batman doesn’t believe he’s worthy of the Cirillo Princess and nothing she says can convince him otherwise. He’s not her only problem, though. Calli’s incensed at being kept in the dark and has never felt more defenseless. Does her father want her to be an easy target? It sure seems like it, since she’s never had a fraction of the training Stella and Emmie have had. They can hold their own with anyone but Calli’s always been treated differently. She’s fed up and refuses to be passively protected any longer. She’s determined to have a hand in her own fate and some control of her life because she’s done following orders.

I love watching Calli come into her own, demanding defense lessons from her father and Nico and throwing away the ugly dresses her mother buys her. But just as she finds this reservoir of confidence deep inside and an unlikely ally, her entire world is turned upside-down. And that’s before things get really crazy. I knew exactly what was coming at the end of this book but there were also a couple of curveballs I didn’t foresee that make it even more torturous. Mark your calendars, people, because when Dark Legacy finally arrives, I’m falling off the face of the earth until I finish it. I received an ARC from Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review. 

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