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Review: Grumpy Single Dad by Ashlie Silas

I didn’t know he was my new boss when I flicked him off.

Now I have to work for the grumpy single dad who hates me.

On the plus side, the feeling is mutual.

He’s demanding. Arrogant. And refuses to play by 3 simple rules.

1. Don’t mess with my pay

2. Don’t mess with my schedule

3. And keep his shirt on

I should have stormed out. But I’m a single mom with a son who needs everything, everyday. So when the hot billionaire offered me twice my salary, I thought I could fake it until I made it.

I was wrong.

When our nasty glares start to turn into hunger,

I end up breaking a few rules of my own

Then his world is turned upside down and I am forced to make a decision that can change my life forever or he may lose the only person in the world he cannot live without.

Lori and Barry really don’t hit it off the first time they meet. After their kids scuffle on the playground, Barry gets in her face and threatens to sue. He’s incredibly hot but so obnoxious that Lori wants nothing to do with this drama queen so she puts him in his place and goes on her way. Lori’s a single mom who’s just moved across the country for a fresh start and she’s still looking for work. It seems her prayers have been answered when she’s offered an executive assistant job with a generous paycheck, until the boss walks through the door. She decides it’s just not worth it and tries to turn down the job but he offers to double her salary. Since the hiring committee wanted Loris, Barry wants Lori. He needs the best person for the job and he’s not going to let her run away despite their personal clash.

Their story is funny and sweet with two cute kids and a fun cast of characters who pop up towards the end but bring a lot to the story and I enjoyed it very much. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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