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Review: Hello Doctor by Kelsie Hoss

The first time I see my high school crush since graduation, I’m a thirty-year-old woman laying on the table for a pap smear.

He’s the hot, newly single doctor who just moved back to his hometown, hoping to find some stability for his daughter. Meanwhile, I’m a hot mess, just fired from my job and ousted from company housing. I’m living in my old bedroom and trying to get my appointments in before my insurance runs out along with what little is left of my money.

That’s when Fletcher tells me we may be able to help each other out. He needs a live-in nanny for his daughter over the summer, and the last three have quit after a day.

With no other job options in my small hometown, I quickly accept.

After all, I’ve dealt with pigheaded, balding middle managers. I can handle an eight-year-old girl… right?

If I can’t help her and set aside my feelings for this hot single dad, I’ll need to find a new job away from my family and outside of the town I love.

Liv is struggling when we first meet, having quit her job and lost her company housing. She’s not sorry that she walked out on her horrible boss, but she’s worried about finding another job in her small hometown. The last thing she wants to do is leave but there aren’t many opportunities here so she’s resigned to doing what she has to, even though it won’t be fun. Poor Liv is stressed and rushing to get in her yearly before her insurance ends but the last thing she expected was to come face to, well not her face, with her teenage crush.

But yeah, Fletcher Madigan is just as fine as ever, only now he’s a doctor doing her check up. Of course she hasn’t shaved because this is just her luck. He’s desperate to find a new nanny for his difficult daughter so when he learns Liv needs work, he offers her the position, complete with a guest house on the property. It’s too good to pass up, even if the thought of working for Fletcher is a bit intimidating. This job won’t be easy, but Liv is determined. His daughter is a damaged little girl abandoned by her mother and constantly acting out. It’s become a game for Maya to see how fast she can make a nanny quit, but Liv isn’t one to give up easily.

It doesn’t take long for Maya to realize Liv refuses to be chased away and once the little girl sees that Liv isn’t going to run as soon as things get tough, she starts to open up. The two quickly become the best of friends and life get much better in the Madigan household thanks to Liv. Fletcher is amazed at the change in his daughter and grateful that she can be happy again, although they still have a lot of work to do. He also finds himself in awe of Liv and the magic she works, not just with Maya, but with him as well.

These two were crushing on each other back in high school, although her older brother made it clear Liv was off-limits so Fletcher never made a move. Being around her now only intensifies those feelings, but once again, he can’t cross that line. Now she’s his employee and Maya’s nanny and they truly need her. Plus, he has some serious baggage of his own that complicates things so he’s hardly a candidate for a relationship anyway. Making a move could destroy everything and Fletcher can’t take that chance since they’ve finally found some stability. Or can he?

This is a sweet story about two people who missed their chance long ago finding their way back to one another and making it work. I really enjoyed Liv and Fletcher’s story. The only reason it wasn’t a perfect 5 stars is because there was too much attention given to Liv’s body size. It’s fine to mention and it’s great to see her confidence increase and her insecurities fade, but his attraction to her seemed almost fetishistic at times, which takes away from the romance for me, although I’m sure other readers love it. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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