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Review: The Crush Next Door by Jenna Fiore

Jessica Santoro is living the life in the big city. Well, maybe things aren’t exactly perfect with her not-so-dream job, obnoxious neighbor, and long-distance fiancé. But at least she has an ocean view. Kind of.

When Jess starts watching Dodgers games with the annoying guy next door and thinking less about her fiancé, this curveball might just lead to a home run… or a strikeout with the bases loaded.

Jess and Josh’s story is one of the best friends to lovers I’ve ever read. They’re neighbors who bond over a mutual love of Dodgers baseball and quickly become friends. She’s enjoying living on her own for the first time, despite missing her fiancé, who moved from LA to NYC temporarily for work. They hit it off so well Josh soon invites her to join in his sports podcast and their banter takes it to the next level.

I enjoyed watching their friendship develop from casual to true besties in every way. Despite the physical attraction they were both determined to ignore, their relationship was completely platonic and innocent, which made it all the more adorable for me. It’s fun to see their connection deepen and grow into something more because it’s such a natural progression. This is a sweet and funny HEA that brings the heat.

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