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ARC Review: Merciless by Tracy Lorraine

All my life I’ve been a prisoner.

Locked away by men who think they hold all the power.

First my father.

And now him.

The devil himself.

Reid Harris.

Even my husband can’t save me from the most infamous man in Harrow Creek and his loyal best friend.

I’m tangled up in their twisted games.

One woman.

Three dangerous men.

They expect me to cower.

To beg and plead for mercy.

But Reid’s about to discover that not everyone bends to his will.

Because I don’t care who he is or what he does, I will not break.

Not for any man.

And certainly not for him.

Dear Reader,
Merciless is book one of four in the Harrow Creek Hawks series. It is a dark why-choose romance, meaning our leading lady has several love interests and never has to choose to find her HEA. These three a-hole alphas are certainly no heroes; their morals are questionable at best. If you’re looking for a good guy, then you’re in the wrong place. Enter at your own discretion.

I loved everything about this story and couldn’t get enough of it. Alana’s story pulled me in but there was so much more to it. This is a book where most of the story takes place in a single room, yet it held my attention better than most. Her story is heartbreaking and lonely, but lately she’s finally had some goodness in her life, thanks to her husband. Her motivations aren’t entirely clear, although I have my suspicions, so I can’t wait to get her full story. Her life’s been bleak and complicated, but she shows such amazing strength and determination, it made her an instant favorite for me. She’s equally vulnerable and scared, yet resilient and hopeful. She’s been through hell, but she’ll never give up. Alana is fighting for her future and the man she loves against all odds. I really enjoy her quick wit and snarky banter, especially with Julian because they give off a strong Stella and Seb vibe.

Julian and Maverick are easy to like, although it took some time to warm up to Reid. There’s still so much we don’t know because we’re getting bits and pieces of all of them but so much of the story revolves around the threats and the danger of living in the Hawk’s world. The whole town is under their control and all the women are prisoners in various ways. Everything about the organization is dark and threatening, ominous and troubling, so there’s no question the danger is real. This story is extremely dark as we learn about Alana’s life and the history of these characters, but she never gives up hope and her passion to survive is infectious.

There are so many layers to these characters and their stories. Julian has a dark side but never with her. He’s different with Alana, which gives him an opportunity to have something he never knew he wanted, although he’s quickly coming to realize he needs this and needs her. Maverick is an enigma, so I really need to know more of his history, including his role with the Hawks and especially how Alana fits into his life. Reid has a grand plan, and we get lots of time inside of his head, but I still don’t feel like we really know him by the end so there’s a lot more to come. The cliffhanger is stunningly brutal of course, as they always are, so it was expected but still, the next book can’t come soon enough. I’d like to thank the author and Candi Kane PR for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Harrow Creek Hawks series

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