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My Favorite Quotes of 2021

There are too many to list them all, but these are some of the funniest, hottest and most badass. Click on any book to read the review.

Book Review: Cross by Shantel Tessier - book 3 of the Dark Kings series

She’s my altar, where I kneel and repent for all the sins I’ve committed over the years. The souls I’ve taken.

– Cross, Cross by Shantel Tessier

Canary by Tijan

Man. I had soup and a guy was being tortured thirty yards from here.

I didn’t know what to do with that information.

– Ash, Canary by Tijan

The Monster by LJ Shen - Boston Belles book 3

Aisling and Sparrow doted on my ass like I was a baby, fussing over me and checking on me every single hour, dropping my masculinity levels to new lows I was pretty sure only poodles with designer haircuts had suffered.

– Sam Brennan, The Monster by LJ Shen

Playing Pretend by Cassie-Ann L. Miller - NEW RELEASE

Declan looks a bit crestfallen and I feel bad about that but there’s a limit to what I’m willing to endure. At this point, I’d rather spend the rest of the night listening to that busker playing Mariah Carey’s greatest hits on his bagpipe outside of the Quickie Inn than listen to another minute of Declan’s ear-shattering yodeling.

– Liam Kline, Playing Pretend by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

The only time I could truly say I saw, I suppose, was during the out-of-body experience I had while he straddled my body in the sixty-nine position and straight up sent me into purgatory. There I was, just hovering by the ceiling of the room like Mary fucking Poppins and the kids when they go to have tea with the loopy guy, wondering if that was really my face under his superior crotch or if it was all just a mirage.

– Sophie Sage, The Bet by Max Monroe

Let Me Love You by Siobhan Davis - All Of Me duet book 2 - NEW RELEASE

I don’t know how I ever thought I could deny this man. How I could ever live without him. Because he is embedded in my heart and imprinted on my soul, and from this day forward, I know he is the only man I will ever want by my side.

– Vivien Mills, Let Me Love You by Siobhan Davis

The Deceit of a Devil by Holly Renee

Being close to him did more than just mess with my head. It messed with every single part of me. My heart raced and I felt Like I was falling. He was like my center of gravity and no matter how badly I wished he wasn’t, I was drawn to him.

– Alli Taylor, The Deceit of a Devil by Holly Renee

I look at him sharply, wondering if that’s supposed to be a joke. “I loved my father,” I say coldly. “The day I lost him was the worst day of my life.”

Cole smiles. “The worst day so far.”

What. The. Fuck.

– Mara Eldritch, There Are No Saints by Sophie Lark

Condemned to Love - Siobahn Davis

She screams, and I lose whatever vestiges of civility I was clinging to. I fuck her, and fuck her, and fuck her. Pounding into her over and over, moaning and cursing as her tight walls grip my cock and I see stars behind my eyes.

– Bennett Mazzone, Condemned To Love by Siobhan Davis

“I’m fucking in love with you. I have been for a long time and whether we’re together or not speaking to one another, I will still always be in love with you.”

– Kingston North, Rebel North by JB Salsbury

I’d much rather us be in bed than her shaking her ass on a dance floor for other men to watch. The big rock on her hand doesn’t hurt, though. I wanted something that said fuck off – I’m taken and my husband will gut you – from far away. I think I made the right decsion.

– Ryat Archer, The Ritual by Shantel Tessier

“No punching any cowboys tonight, Gretch.”

Pouting, she whines,” But my manicure isn’t until Tuesday. This is the perfect window of opportunity.”

The Barback Cowboy by Melanie Munton

We wait for him to get comfortable. We wait for the night to progress. This is an important part of the hunt: the false pretense of security. Let the prey come into the clearing. And let them lower their head to drink. Only then does the crocodile lunge up out of the water.

– Cole Blackwell, There Is No Devil by Sophie Lark

the dom identity lexi blake

“Well, I would have preferred you didn’t get shot.” . . .

“I don’t know. It’ll be a cool scar story.” Vanessa grinned at him. “How’d you get that one? Well, my deranged, older-then-me stepson hired a killer to stage my death, but my hacker friend is good with toilet lids and then my boyfriend saved me.”

The Dom Identity by Lexi Blake

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