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Review: There Is No Devil by Sophie Lark

There Is No Devil by Sophie Lark
Sinners duet book 2
Available December 1st

I Couldn’t Kill Mara…

But that doesn’t mean Shaw won’t.

She’s living in my house, always with me, always under my control.

The more I push her, the more she pushes back.

She’s peeling away my secrets, one by one. And I’m tempting her to do things she never thought she’d do…

Shaw won’t stop hunting her.

When the time comes to act, will Mara be ready?

The Lark Notes:
I was so pleased how many women identified with Mara’s character – with her sensory issues and
history of trauma. It sounds crazy to call this an “inspirational story of murder”, but at the end of part two, I hope you will indeed feel inspired by Mara’s journey. — Sophie

This story is everything I wanted for Mara and Cole. It got way darker than the first book in a lot of ways but somehow manages to be happy and freeing and even inspirational, as the author notes. It’s hard to explain without being a spoiler but everyone in this story got what was coming to them, which I love. Mara and Cole are both damaged but he teaches her to exorcise her demons and she proves he’s not a lost cause so it’s all very uplifting.

Cole has always assumed he’s a psychopath but living with Mara proves he’s capable of love, caring and even empathy. They complement one another perfectly, lending strength and insight to the other’s weakest and darkest depths. Mara learns to live rather than just existing in the background of the world and Cole finds out he has a heart and even a conscience.

I love the transformations they made and how the both became better versions of themselves because of the deep connection they share. It’s probably weird to describe any story about a serial killer as sweet and romantic but it applies here and I love Cole even if he’s not perfect. This is an instant favorite and I’ll definite read this duet again because it’s just that good. I received a free copy from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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