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Review: City of Thieves by Catherine Wiltcher and Cora Kenborn

This city tells a story of a man seeking vengeance . . .

Renzo Marchesi gives me two choices when he walks into my art gallery:
Help him find his brother’s killer or suffer the consequences.

He’s a mafia prince…

Heir to the Marchesi throne.
A man consumed by his demons.
I don’t belong in his world, and he doesn’t belong in mine.

Still, I’m not the spoiled politician’s daughter he thinks I am…

This is the City of Thieves, where lies are hard currency and deception is the real art.
Trust no one.
Love no one.
Too bad I don’t follow my own rules…

They say black arrows make for bleeding hearts.
Now, I’m planning the ultimate heist for a man who never misses.

Both authors are new to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I loved every minute of this story. Renzo Marchesi is the dark, brooding alpha who doesn’t know what love is until it hits him but he embraces it completely. There’s no agonizing over his life of solitude or being torn between his life and this new norm, he just falls for her and accepts it without question, which is hot as hell.

Tatiana is such a tragic character in every way. A chance encounter at the age of eighteen threw her life into darkness and depravity. She’s been living in hell every moment since. Just when she doesn’t think things could get any worse, Renzo drops into her life making demands that will destroy her. He doesn’t take no for an answer so he plans to bend her to his will even he admires her determination. But when he realizes what she’s fighting for, he only wants to save her.

Their story starts out dark but becomes selfless once they get to know each other. The sacrifices she’s made are so humbling, it hardly seems like anyone could be worthy of her but Renzo is willing to sacrifice everything to save what’s most important to Tatiana, proving himself to be everything she deserves. I absolutely love their story and could not put this book down. I received a free copy from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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