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Review: Fraudulently Ever After by Denise Grover Swank and AR Casella

She’s cursed to live out romance tropes gone wrong. As a millionaire bad boy looking for a fake girlfriend, he is one. They’re a disaster in the making…and each other’s last hope.


I’m cursed.

Yes, really. I broke a boy’s heart because he wasn’t romance hero material, and his nonna cursed me to live out my favorite plotlines…without the happy ending. Consider my track record:

Second-chance romance? Turns out my old flame returned home to cook meth, not take care of his parents.
Redeemed bad boy? He writes to me occasionally from prison.
Billionaire businessman? Rory was my prince charming…right up until his ex-girlfriend showed up with a baby bump.

My love life is a lost cause, but my friends claim they have a solution. They’re convinced I can rip control from the curse by seeking out a trope situation instead of getting sucked into one.

When I find Zachary Littlefield’s ad seeking a fake girlfriend, I decide it’s go-time. Because I am so immune to hot rich boys.


I’m the screw-up spare to my brother, the heir—the Littlefield who can never do anything right. Now my brother’s making a huge mistake, and I’m expected to celebrate. Instead, I do what any half-intelligent man would: I hire a date to stir up trouble at his engagement party.

Tina’s not my type, but there’s something about her…

Maybe it’s that she seems completely immune to my charm. I’ve never met a challenge I didn’t want to screw up…or screw.

I’m just going to come right out and say that I loved everything about this book. Everything. The premise is great and the execution is masterful. Tina’s inner monologue is laugh out loud funny and I couldn’t get enough. I liked her immediately and she just got better as the story went on, from her laid back attitude about life in general to her crazy jobs, she’s such a fun character. Zach was just cocky enough in the beginning to fall hard when he fell for her and it was sweet to see. They’re perfect together and this story is hot.

The big supporting cast here is the story but Tina and Zach are such well-crafted characters that it didn’t overshadow the MCs or their romance in any way. There are a lot of characters here but they all serve a purpose and I really enjoyed them, from Harry’s obsessive paranoia to Simone’s scheming and everyone in between. The play on romance tropes is hilarious and I still can’t decide which was my favorite but running into your ex at a matchmaker is pretty hard to top.

I can’t say enough good things about this book and would give it more than five stars if I could, I just enjoyed it that much. It’s witty and lighthearted balanced with angsty family issues in a perfect blend. If you haven’t read this yet, grab it now and thank me later.

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