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Review: The Hunted One by Brittney Sahin

Will this growly protector break her book-loving heart . . . or become her second chance at love?

Savanna Vasquez lost her Navy SEAL husband years ago to terrorists, and she doesn’t think she’s capable of falling in love again. So, she busies herself by running her café and buries her face in the pages of fiction for a romantic escape.

But when her late husband’s brother finds his way into her life, bringing a world of danger with him, Savanna is protected by a group of tough former Army guys. She feels like she’s inside one of her favorite novels, but she’s not so sure if her happily-ever-after will be guaranteed, especially when she finds herself alone with one of the dangerously handsome Delta operators.

After twenty years of serving his country in the Army, Griffin Andrews now works for an elite security team. When he’s sent on a mission to protect a friend of the firm, he never expects to meet a woman who will bring his dead heart back to life.

In Griffin’s eyes, Savanna’s still married, even if only in her heart—which means she’s off-limits. Forget the fact she’s also his assignment. With her being hunted by an unknown number of threats, he needs to focus on her safety and not the way she feels in his arms.

Griffin’s resolve begins to slip the more time they spend together and his self-control snaps. The unexplainable connection between them has them both wondering if maybe they were brought together for another reason.

And as Griffin does everything in his power to save Savanna, he discovers there’s a chance she just might save him too.

I was excited to read this because sweet widow plus hot special ops guy protecting her from terrorists has my name written all over it. Maybe there’s just too much hype to live up to but this one fell flat for me. Savanna drew me in right away but I just couldn’t connect with these characters. There are too many people in this story, which doesn’t allow for the kind of depth and development I want from the MCs. They just share the spotlight too much. I realize the author is starting a new series so this book has to set up the rest. That’s a monumental task but it still has to be done properly, which means you can’t skimp out on this story and these MCs to lay the foundation for the other stories. Do that with a prequel novella instead of robbing good characters of their story.

This just didn’t hold my attention so I found myself skimming and putting it down a lot. Maybe I’ll give it another try sometime but for now, I’m glad to put it aside. I liked the MCs enough to give it three stars instead of two but otherwise just found this to be too busy and all over the place, yet for all that action, it bored me.

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