Ten Books I’m Thankful For Every Day

Books have always been a big part of my life, from Dr. Seuss onward. There are many that I love, too many to count and asking for a “favorite” book, character, trope, etc. is like asking me to pick a favorite grain of sand on the beach. It’s impossible. I’m thankful for all the books but some stand out as more than just an excellent read so here are a few of the most noteworthy.

This is one of my all-time favorite books. From the excellent characters and evil genius of the intricate plot that you keeps you guessing right to the end, Mortal Fear is the gold standard of everything a good book should be for me.

Pretty Reckless by LJ Shen

This is the book that made me fall in love with romance and romance was the missing ingredient I needed to get my stories out of my head and into the world. Pretty Reckless is everything for that reason alone but also because Daria and Penn are one of my favorite couples ever and this was my introduction to the world of LJ Shen.

Siobhan Davis Cruel Intentions

Not only was this my first foray into the world of dark bully romance, it also introduced me to Siobhan Davis, who’s one of my absolute favorite authors. Those are two huge reasons but beyond that, Cruel Intentions is the beginning to an epic story that’s still continuing with regular releases. To a series junkie like me, that is everything.

Prayers For Rain - Dennis Lehane

This is book 5 in a 6 book series but it’s the one that introduced me to the Patrick Kenzie and Angelo Gennaro series, which will always be a favorite. Prayers For Rain is excellent in every way, but just to ake a point about the greatness of Dennis Lehane, I’ll admit it’s not even the best book in the series.

Pucked - Helena Hunting

The first in another favorite series, this book introduced me to Helena Hunting and the Pucked world. Violet and Alex will always be a favorite couple. I devoured this series and couldn’t put it down. It’s hilariously snarky, sweet, romantic and filthy hot all at once and she built an incredible world there that extends to the All In series and beyond.

Felony Ever After by 13 Authors

This is an excellent story with awesome characters but it makes the list for being the book that put authors like Vi Keeland on my radar. Prior to Felony Ever After meeting my kindle, I hadn’t read any Tijan ever but she’s one of my absolute favorite authors.

Canary by Tijan

Another author who’s made her way into my heart is Tijan. She has so many great books, I could never pick just one favorite but Canary is definitely one of the best. It’s dark and crazy but still manages to be an amazing romance, not to mention it’s a great mafia plot and this story is hot.

Punk 57 - Penelope Douglas

This is the book that introduced me to Penelope Douglas, who has not only influenced my choices as a reader but also inspired me as an author. Besides writing amazing stories with badass heroines and sexy heros, she also goes out of her way to treat us to a ton of bonus content like playlists, bonus scenes and even a map for the town where the Devil’s Night series takes place. Beyond all of that, Punk 57 is one of my favorite stories ever. #MishaandRyen4ever

The Best Friend Zone by Nicole Snow

This book is amazing and it was my introduction to the genius of Nicole Snow. Plenty of authors give us romantic suspense but few do it as well. Her stories are such a perfect blend of sweet and sexy, with just enough angst to make the characters real but not enough to make it dark. The Best Friend Zone brought her into my world and I can’t get enough of her work.

This is kinda sorta cheating because this is technically two books but they have to be read together so it’s fine. Siobhan Davis is fantastic. She gives us some of the hottest mafia stories with books like Condemned To Love and angst for days with books like Inseparable and When Forever Changes. I couldn’t be a bigger fan of the Rydeville Elite series but the All Of Me duet is a true masterpiece.

Romance writers are often dismissed by the writing world but books like these prove that this genre includes great things. I’m not normally affected emotionally by books but Say I’m The One broke my heart and took me for the ride of my life. No book has ever been able to do what this one did. Thankfully, Let Me Love You put my heart back together but these will always be a classic favorite.

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