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Review: Twenty Years Later by Jenna Fiore

What happens when the good girl hooks up with the high school bad boy twenty years later?

Widowed mom Jayda and single dad Alex are two lonely souls who reconnect at their class reunion. A passionate one-night stand turns into a two-night stand that neither of them ever expected.

But Alex has settled in Miami while Jayda is tied down in Maine, making their would-be romance more than challenging. With complications of family and distance, can one steamy weekend turn into anything else?

This is the sweet story of Jayda and Alex. They run into each other by chance on the eve of their twentieth high school reunion and he asks her to be his date. Back in high school, she had a huge crush on Alex but was too shy to make a move so it’s hard to believe this is real. They share a passionate night together and they both want more, but he lives in Miami and she lives in Maine. That’s not something easily changed, since they’re both single parents relying on their parents for childcare. But they’re perfect together and the attraction is so strong, they’re determined to find a way to make it work.

They’ve both experienced tragedy and want to guard their hearts, but they’re also drawn to one another so strongly they can’t fight it. The characters drew me in right away. I liked them both immediately and even more as the story continued. Jayda is strong and determined, raising a feisty little girl alone as a young widow. Alex is the perfect boyfriend, so sweet and absolutely devoted to taking care of Jayda, even if it will be from afar. Their story is romantic and steamy and I enjoyed every minute of it. I received complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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