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Review: Playing Pretend by Cassie-Ann Miller

This was so much fun to read. Eliza and Liam have the best banter and the love/hate relationship between them is riveting. I wasn’t a huge Liam fan while reading Jace and Sera’s story but I loved him here. Sure, he’s a cranky jerk at first but you warm up to him pretty quickly. Eliza is a very sympathetic character with a terrible burden to hide, alone with no support and far from everyone she loves. Liam is awful to her initially, but quickly realizes he needs her in his life and works to make things right.

Their chemistry is off the charts but they both fight the attraction since he’s her boss. When a judgmental investor questions their relationship and Liam’s principles, putting a huge deal at risk, they start a fake relationship to salvage the project. It doesn’t take long for Liam to realize there’s nothing fake about the way he feels but Eliza’s secret prevents her from getting close to anyone.

This story is laugh out loud funny, with some hilarious quotes and it’s also super steamy. The characters pulled me in immediately and I couldn’t put this book down so I highly recommend it.

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The Playboys of Sin Valley

Playing Pretend
by Cassie-Ann L. Miller
The Playboys of Sin Valley book 2

Published 2021

Playing Pretend by Cassie-Ann L. Miller - NEW RELEASE
Review: Playing Pretend by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

Firing my sassy, smart-mouthed assistant should have solved all my problems. Right?

Wrong. Turns out we’ll need a fake marriage for that. Oh boy!

I should have fired Eliza Jenkins the night she overstepped her qualifications in a high-profile client meeting.

Or the time she called me stuffy, uptight and grumpy to my face.

But it’s her luscious mouth, her chocolate eyes and her voluptuous curves that really drive me crazy.

So I send her packing, pink-slip in hand.

My company is better off without the mouthy firecracker anyway. At least that’s what I’ve been trying to believe.

Except now, a multi-million-dollar deal is on the line and she’s the only one who can help me save it.

I’ve got a new assignment for Ms. Sassy. Be my fake wife. Or else.

But if anyone is up to the task, it’s her.

I mean—Eliza Jenkins is an overachiever. Smart. Headstrong. Full of great ideas. Looks great leaned over the fax machine.

Um…Forget I mentioned that last one.

I’m Liam Kline. Focused. Ambitious. Master of self-control. I can resist Eliza.

My sole focus is closing this deal. I’ll work her hard, putting in long hours in the bedroom.

Err, boardroom. I mean, boardroom.

Eliza is the ultimate distraction. With her, I’ve met my match.

So when she suddenly quits me for good, I’m not willing to let her go.

If I don’t get her back as my secretary? This whole deal will fall through . . .

If I don’t get her back as my wife? Psht. I’m not even willing to consider that.

Playing Pretend is a steamy, witty, laugh-out-loud, grumpy boss, fake marriage romance. It is set in small-town Iowa and is book two in the Playboys of Sin Valley series.

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