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Review: Tangled Up by Tia Louise

He’s broody, he’s driven, and he’s coming back to claim what’s his.

“First, do no harm…”

It’s the start of my oath as a doctor, and breaking that oath is how I began my career.
Only I didn’t just do harm, I watched a man die right in front of me.
And not just any man—a man I hated.

I thought his death would bring me peace, but it haunts me to this day.
Every close call sparks memories of what I did to him, to me, to her.
I have to go back and face what I’ve done or end my career.

Seeing her hits me harder than the regret.
She’s still so beautiful with long, dark hair, bright amber eyes, luscious curves.
She still dominates my heart, my mind, my bed.
But she’s different now—stronger, bolder, unafraid.

We’re a mess, tangled up in a web I created.
But I’m determined to heal these wounds, to fix this break.
One thing is certain, I won’t say goodbye to her again.

Beck is the broody mysterious one in this group so we don’t know much about him yet but I expected his story would be intense. It’s a little heavier than the others but every bit as good. His life was dark and lonely, the only light being summers in Eden but the darkness eventually took that, too. Carly has had a tragic life as well, but still full of love and light and goodness in so many ways so she was fine. At least until Beck broke her heart, which she may never get past.

Carly and Beck have avoided one another for years but when they meet unexpectedly this time, the draw between them is too strong to fight. Their chemistry is off the charts and all the old feelings come rushing back along with it, but things are complicated, too. Eden was this safe cocoon where they could be together but now they have lives and careers far away and all the baggage of their first break-up. Their story is hot and they clearly belong together, but Carly has a stalker who’s determined to hurt her and everyone she loves so rebuilding their relationship isn’t the sole focus. The suspense had me on edge and I couldn’t put this book down but I loved every minute of it. There’s also a fantastic epilogue available from the author’s website that’s just the cherry on top! I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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