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Review: Warming My Winter Heart by Michelle Cornish

You can’t run from love forever . . .

When Lexi Blair comes home to Little City from LA for Christmas, she gets the surprise of her life—the ex-fiancé she thought was dead is very much alive and wants her back!

It’s Christmas Eve and Lexi’s seen a ghost. Or . . . she thought he was a ghost until her mom admits to faking his death so Lexi would come home for Christmas.

After a humiliating run-in with her ex—which results in Lexi disowning her mother—she hides out at her best friend’s tree farm, babysitting a nameless puppy while her friend and hubby tend to a family emergency. 

But farm life comes with a few perks Lexi isn’t expecting—mainly a hunky farmhand who’s helping Lexi run the place until her friends return.  

While Lexi ran from Little City, John ran to it, and she quickly learns he’s healing from past hurts of his own.

Can Lexi and John stop running before it’s too late?

This seasonal novella looked like a sweet holiday romance but there’s very little romance and the characters don’t seem to have any chemistry or connection. The premise looks great but the characters are bland and one-dimensional so they didn’t draw me in or hold my interest. And they just kind of coexisted the whole time without anyone ever making a move but once someone made a move, it seemed stiff and uncomfortable. This wasn’t an enjoyable read.

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