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Book Blitz: Rescue Me by Kelly Collins

Rescue Me by Kelly Collins: Her company is failing. His plan could save it. Will their partnership move from business to pleasure?

Book Review

Blog Tour: The Cusp of Darkness by Olivia Preya

The Cusp of Darkness by Olivia Preya: I took an oath to save lives, trying to redeem myself from a bloody night where I played judge, jury, and executioner. I worked hard to erase all traces of the night I claimed revenge, but my mind can’t forget the man who ensured I’d never be put away for my crime.

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Thirsty Thursday: The Hottest New and Upcoming Romance Releases

The hottest new and upcoming romance releases

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Cover Reveal: Expiry Dating by Isobel Reed

Expiry Dating by Isobel Reed: Alice is not happy. Her ex screwed her over, literally. One day her mother is dreaming of a white wedding, the next, Alice is hurling hardbacks at a naked boyfriend caught in bed with her best friend. So she did the only logical thing she could think of. She got the hell out of there.

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Cover Reveal: Burning for the Truth by A.B. Medley

Burning for the Truth by A.B. Medley: Once the fire starts, no one is safe until the smoke clears. He’s the one who broke her heart first, the one she can’t let go, and still always saves her when it seems all hope is lost. He’s also her brother’s best friend and way off limits.