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Review: One Bossy Date by Nicole Snow

Never sweat the small stuff, they say.
How about when you wake up with a giant stranger showering in your hotel room?
There’s nothing tiny about Brock Winthrope.
He even roars like a lion when he sees me. I scream back. And after narrowly avoiding a murder scene, we’ve got trouble.

He says he’ll fix our reservation blunder since he’s the manager (he’s not).
He thinks I’ll smack his resort with the rotten egg review from hell (I might).
I’ve never seen a man so grumpy groveling his heart out to wow me (it’s working).
Oh, but it gets better.

Brock whisks me away on an amazing “date” and things get heated.
I’m still dreaming about obnoxiously hot kisses under the stars months later when fate strikes.
I wasn’t supposed to see him again.
Not at this dumpster fire marketing job I desperately need.
Not when I crash into him—literally.
Definitely not when I find out he’s the crankyface billionaire CEO signing my checks.

Cue the freaking out.
The stormy glares.
The tension thicker than quicksand.
The hopeless promises to “just do my job” without choking on Mr. Grumpmuffin’s attitude.
What’s worse than one messy date with your radioactive boss?
One more.

Pippa is a travel blogger enjoying the penthouse sweet at the luxurious Winthrope Lanai resort when she gets quite a surprise, in the form of a hot naked guy in her shower in the middle of the night. Brock explains that he’s the resort manager and wants to make it up to her so she gives them a good review. One hot night later, they walk away never expecting to see one another again but it only takes a couple of months before fate intervenes, shoving them together again. This could be a good thing except this is when Pippa learns he’s not who he claimed to be and she’s not happy about it.

Pippa is so much fun. I adored her immediately and she totally pulled me into this story, with her vivid descriptions and sarcastic inner monologue. Brock was a bit gruff at first but that just makes it more fun when he’s finally wrapped around her finger. He’s a big guy so when he falls, he drops hard. Pippa tries to resist his charms but she’s helpless against them and it gets them into some crazy situations.

The verbal sparring between them is (chef’s kiss) because they complement one another in so many ways. Their story is sweet and steamy with a dash of suspense, and I loved every minute of it, especially the extended epilogues (yep, multiple). I received an ARC from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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