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Review: Corrupt Princess by Tracy Lorraine

I learned from a very young age that the only person I could count on was myself.

For years I’ve been content with meaningless one-night stands and zero promises for tomorrow.

I had a good thing going, until he crashed his way into my life… and heart, and wrecked them both.

Nico Cirillo.

The bad boy mafia prince and the one man who’s ever left me craving more. Not that I’ll admit that.

And now, he’s not only a mistake I’ve made time and time again, he’s everywhere I turn.

Taunting me.
Tempting me.

Doing everything in his power to screw up my life, tarnish my reputation, and corrupt the only dream I’ve ever had.

But while I’m pushing as hard as I can to keep him away, his reckless decisions and hot-headed behaviour have forced him to reconsider.

His U-turn is enough to give me whiplash, but it’s nowhere near enough for me to lower my walls and let him in.

To give him a chance he doesn’t deserve.

It’s going to take more than a bit of grovelling after all the ways he’s hurt me, even if it is on his knees.

Nico really impressed me in this book, much more than the first. The story picks up just where we left off at the cliffhanger so he’s a hot mess but he gets better. It doesn’t happen instantly but he’s finally coming out of the fog that’s shrouded him since grief set in, with a lot of help from Jocelyn. She’s able to do something for him that nobody else can and it made a world of difference not only for Nico but also for everyone around him.

He regrets the way he’s treated Bri, neglected his sister and turned his back on the family. He knows he’s been completely self-absorbed since that night and he wants to do better. Determined to change, he wants to prove to his Siren that he’s worthy, but it’s an uphill battle, as she’s not inclined to give him another chance after everything. With Bri staying away, Nico has an epiphany and realizes that she’s so much more than he ever wanted to admit. He’s been hiding from his feelings for so long but he’s forcing himself to face them now, no matter how shocking it may be – and it’s pretty shocking for tough-guy Nico who doesn’t let anyone in and needs no one, when he realizes he needs her.

I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll only say the cliffy is painful, but the wait’s thankfully quite short, as the last book in the trilogy is due at the end of the month. Don’t get me wrong, even three weeks is rough, but it could be worse. Now this last bit will sound cryptic if you haven’t read Corrupt Knight or this book, but if anyone would like to privately theorize on what’s going on with Alex, please contact me because I’m dying to discuss this endlessly.

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