Featured Author: Tijan

This is a new feature to introduce the world to my favorite authors. There are so many wonderful authors out there and it’s our duty as book lovers to shout our favorites from the rooftops so other readers discover their stories.

Tijan is one of my absolute favorite authors. She’s a master of everything, from teen angst to gritty mafia drama and everything in between. Her work in Felony Ever After was my first taste and I had to have more. My first book from her was Enemies, which is one of my favorite stories. The characters are so very broken it’s almost painful to witness, but it’s so worth it. I was floored by the twist in the last lines of Ryan’s Bed and fell in love right along with many of her characters.

I’ve read most of her books and loved each and every one. She’s given the world some of my favorite characters, like Cheyenne in The Not-Outcast, Ash and Raize (but especially Ash) in Canary, plus Jess and Trace in A Dirty Business. Not to mention some of the top book boyfriends of all time, like Cheyenne’s childhood crush Cutler Ryder, the infamous Carter Reed and possibly the best of all, Caden Banks in The Anti-Stepbrother.

From spoiled rich pricks to street gangs, her characters are always amazing and she has a gift for telling us their stories.

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