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Review: The New Single Dad Billionaire by Tina Gabor

Take one grumpy billionaire.
Add two cute kids.
Mix in a sunshiny nanny
and you get a recipe for all the feels.

He’s a new dad and a new billionaire, but this grumpy boss has zero room for romance—despite making his fortune with a dating app.

She’s his young new nanny with a sunshine attitude about everything except love. The closest she’ll ever get to being in a family is working for one.

They vow to keep things strictly professional until …

I love the Bronson Billionaires series for so many reasons. They’re sweet and funny stories with characters that make you care and this one is no different. Tyler is a new single dad who only recently learned of his son’s existence. The boy’s mother isn’t fit to care for him or his older sister so Tyler takes in both kids but he really needs help. Enter Betty, the beautiful woman he meets at an absolute disaster PR event for his dating app. He’s sure the poor woman will never want to see his face again after everything that happens that night.

Too bad his app thinks they’re the perfect love match and he can’t get her out of his mind. Things get even more interesting when his emergency nanny request results in none other than Betty being sent by the agency. Things are a little awkward between them at first but she’s great with the kids and the kids actually like her, which is huge. They’ve terrorized every nanny they’ve met up to this point so the fact that they’re not actively driving Betty away is a miracle.

This is an adorable story with cute kids, a sweet h and the grumpy billionaire who loves her, even if he doesn’t want to admit it. There’s a little suspense with the children’s mom trying to steal them back and much silliness with a stay in the Eloise suite at The Plaza. This is was a sweet story with loveable characters and a fun supporting cast making it a great addition to the series. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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