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Review: Doctor Divine by Tracy Broemmer

Come on in and meet the new ER Physicians, Surgeons, Specialists, Residents, and patients that occupy the rooms and halls of the largest hospital on the coast of Rhode Island. You may even run into some of your favorite doctors from Season 1. We hope you are ready to fall in love with all the new sexy stories that take place inside the walls of Eastport General Hospital.

Piper Gates, success coach at her local university, spends more time at the clinic and the hospital these days than she does on campus. Since her brother can’t be bothered with family responsibilities, it’s Piper’s job to help their mother with her appointments and medications.

Doctor Jace Divine is one of two palliative care doctors at Eastport General, though he and his counterpart, Dr. Gerard, work closely together for the sake of their patients. Dr. Gerard is Ellen Gates’ physician of record, but Jace is very familiar with her medical history and her prognosis.

Single, exhausted, and heartbroken, Piper isn’t interested in romance, but she appreciates the shoulder Dr. Divine has provided a time or two when she’s broken down. Widowed and a single father, Jace is too busy for romance, so finding himself attracted to Piper is a surprise.

Technically, they’re not forbidden to be together, but Jace believes getting involved with Piper would be irresponsible and unethical. But the harder he tries to ignore the attraction, the stronger it becomes, and even worse, watching Ellen fade away and seeing Piper grieve makes Jace realize, he’ll do anything for Piper—even if loving her through the heartache costs him his profession.

It’s time for more of Doctors of Eastport General and I can’t wait. I kicked off the new season with this sweet story of a widowed single dad and a heartbroken woman who’s mother is in palliative care at Eastport General. He’s not her mother’s doctor so Pipe shouldn’t feel guilty for being attracted to the sweet doctor who’s determined to help her, but her emotions are in such turmoil.

This is a bittersweet and somewhat emotional story where we meet Piper as she struggles to care for her rapidly declining mother while her in-denial brother refuses to admit this is the end. She’s running ragged and stretched so thin, with nobody to lean on until she meets Jace. They find comfort in each other but there’s guilt as well, for the wife he misses, the daughter who will grow up without her mother and especially because Piper’s a patient’s daughter, even if he isn’t her mother’s doctor. But they know they belong together so will they make it work? I received an ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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