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Review: Mine to Love by Natasha Madison

Nothing says forever like two pink lines!

After my sisters’ disastrous weddings, I’m never going to get married.
I’ll just stay single forever.
It doesn’t matter that I’m in love with my brother’s best friend.
Or that Bennett and I shouldn’t even be friends with benefits.
Until the positive sign tells me I’m pregnant.

I fell in love with Presley when she was eighteen and asked me for a favor.
She didn’t want to go to college a virgin.
I said no, but she kissed me, and I was lost in her.
Years later, I’ll take her with any rules she gives me.
She thinks this is just a fling. She’s wrong.
Because she’s always been mine to love.

Bennett and Presley’s story is a fun read. She’s a little intense at first but she loosened up eventually. These two have been friends-with-benefits for a long time but he wants more. He knows Presley isn’t open to it but hopes she’ll change her mind so when she tells him she’s pregnant, he’s ready to go all-in. Except she doesn’t want him, the pregnancy changes nothing about their relationship for her.

Presley is sarcastic and blunt on the outside but that’s just her armor. She’s scared and vulnerable inside, though she’d never admit it. Bennett believes in her the whole time, so no matter how hard she pushes him away, he never goes far. He’s just waiting for her to realize what they have and he knows she’s a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

What starts as a brother’s best friend/friend with benefits situation quickly takes over their lives when Presley finds out she’s pregnant. Bennett knows they belong together but she refuses to even consider a relationship. She has a ton of baggage to work through so there’s a lot of angst but she moves past it eventually. I was frustrated with her for being so stubborn because she was hung up on something so silly, it was kind of hard to take seriously. But I love these characters and the way they interact, enough to make up for that frustration.

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