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Review: Doctor Frank Enstein by CA King

Doctors of Eastport General is a brand-new Contemporary Romance series. Get ready for all the naughty nurses, dirty doctors, and patient shenanigans that take place in Eastport General.

Dr. Frank Enstein spent years becoming a sought-after cosmetic surgeon, and not for the same reason as others in his field. For him, it wasn’t about tits and it certainly had nothing to do with ass. His motives were deeper, purer; something only someone with a similar tragic past would understand. Putting up with long lines of superficial women demanding exuberant changes to perfectly fine bodies was a means to an end, and finally it was all paying off.

An assignment with a new burn unit at Eastport General Hospital was the job he wanted—a place where he could really make a difference.

When a busty barmaid tries to start up a conversation, she threatens to drag him back into the practice he left behind. No matter how attractive she is, that could never happen.

Taking a step backward isn’t part of the plan, but perhaps it should be.

This is the short but sweet story of Frank and Barbara, a plastic surgeon and the waitress he meets on his first day at Eastport General. Frank is a plastic surgeon and a great one at that, but he didn’t go to medical school to do nose jobs and boob implants, he wants to make a difference. He’s been aiming for the burn unit from day one and he’s finally in a position to help the people who need him most.

Barbara needs a plastic surgeon but when she approaches him, he makes assumptions and their first meeting goes wrong in every possible way. Despite the awkwardness, they can’t stay away from one another. I really enjoyed the characters and Frank’s background. There’s a lot of emotion packed into this short book but they get their HEA. I received an ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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