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Review: Fluke by Adriana Locke


I need a fake ex-husband.

Let me explain …

I may have let it slip to my new co-workers that I have an ex-husband. Now they’re fascinated with the details, specifically with him.

Why wouldn’t they be? He’s gorgeous, has exceptional skills in the bedroom, and is determined to win me back.

But there’s a problem. He doesn’t exist.

The bigger problem? I have to produce him to save my job.

This is where you come in.

I’m seeking someone to play a smitten ex-husband for two weeks. You’ll need to remember our love story—details matter when it comes to romance! Please be prepared to travel in-state at a moment’s notice. We may be in close proximity and sharing a bed may be required.

One more thing—kisses are essential for optics as necessary.

If this sounds interesting or, at the very least, entertaining, let me know.


Your Future Ex-Wife

I really didn’t think anyone in this series would surpass Moss as my favorite Carmichael, especially after Maddox failed to do so but Jess won my heart. He proved himself to be the perfect man for Pippa in every way, from his longtime crush on her to talking her down from the anxious ledge she clings to when life gets too real. He even calls her Dream girl, which is the sweetest name ever and absolutely melted my heart. But there’s more to him than that sweet side and the mouth on him, wow. Did I mention he’s also a diabolical genius forced to defend his home and privacy constantly from attack by Banks?

Pippa seems sunny and happy-go-lucky on the outside but she’s got demons. Her parents really did a number on her and continue to do so, always criticizing her life and her choices. Even her brother ignores her and their disapproval all comes from her not going to medical school. She’s made a great career out of helping others find The One but doesn’t believe love will ever be in the cards for her.

I loved everything about these two, from her silly lie that spiraled out of control in the most spectacular way to Jess’ willingness to save Pippa’s day. These two made me laugh out loud and say “aww” but there’s also tons of steam. The Carmichael Family always makes a great supporting cast but Banks really outdoes everyone this time and his book is next, so I can’t wait. I’d give Jess and Pippa’s story ten stars out of five. I received an ARC from Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review.

Carmichael Family series

  • Flirt – book 1 – Moss + Brooke
  • Fling – book 2 – Maddox + Ashley
  • Fluke – book 3 – Jess + Pippa
  • Flaunt – book 4 – Banks + Sara
  • Flame – book 5 – Foxx + Bianca

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  1. I also really liked Fluke a lot. I love how Jess had always had a thing for Pippa, and he couldn’t believe it when she suggested they get together (even if was pretend to start with).

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