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ARC Review: Fling by Adriana Locke

Subject: You up?

This is definitely a feeling cute, might want to delete later situation. But isn’t every message sent at two in the morning a precursor to regret?
By the way, I hope you read that subject line as the pun it was intended to be.
Okay, cutting to the chase—neither of us has an interest in cultivating an emotional connection with each other, right? You have your reasons, and I have mine. But none of that keeps us from nearly crossing the line from professional to personal every freaking day.
I mean, what was that almost kiss in the hallway this afternoon?
Something has to give. So this is me, giving in.
I can’t believe I’m suggesting this, but what if you and I had … a fling?
Just a short-lived non-romance. No pretending it will ever be more. We’ll avoid flowers and flirting and get to the f—you know what I mean.
That’s all either of us wants anyway.
Think about it. Let me know.
I’ll see you in the office in the morning.
Oh! One more thing—If you’re not into this, don’t ever mention you saw this email. I’ll pretend I never saw it either.
Okay. Bye.

Ashley recently called off her wedding and now she’s a bit stunned. How could she ever have dated that guy, let alone nearly marry him? She can’t believe it. Her track record with men is just not good, which is why she never entertains thoughts about her old friend Maddox Carmichael. Yes, they’ve been pals since first grade and he’s one of her favorite people, but anything more would be a disaster, right? RIGHT?

Maddox has wondered about their relationship himself from time to time. Especially after Ashley announced her engagement, since it brought about a lot of complex feelings for him. His brothers sure think there’s something going on between Mad and Ash, is he the only one who doesn’t see the chemistry they have? Or is he afraid to acknowledge it?

Ashley wants more, but considering her talent for picking the worst possible men, this can’t possibly be a good idea. Maddox wants more but he’s a fling guy and Ash clearly wants a forever, which isn’t hsi thing. Or is it? They’re both torn, but her friends might help this along by putting these two in a situation where they’re forced to sink or swim with the pigs. (This is not some strange figure of speech you’ve never heard before, just read the story, trust me.)

There’s some will-they/won’t-they, steamy heat and a lot of laughs in Ash and Mad’s story. I loved both fo these characters and really enjoyed Ashley’s friends. Of course, we get more of the Carmichael boys, especially Banks and he’s irresistible. I loved everything about this book and it was so close but I have to say, Maddox and Ashley are great but they didn’t unseat my favorites: Moss and Brooke are still my #1. I recived an ARC from Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review.

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