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Review: The Sacrifice by Shantel Tessier


A Lord is to marry after he graduates from Barrington University, an elite college for the rich. A Lady’s job is to help him fit into a world unaware of his secret society. The Lord does not get to choose who he spends the rest of his life with. But there is always an exception to the rule. And I just so happen to be his.


I was to wed a Lord of my parents’ choosing. Wealth can’t buy you everything, or I would have had freedom years ago. Instead, my strict parents made sure I lived a dull life in a mansion resembling a prison.

But on my wedding day, I was handed over to another man—an even more ruthless Lord that my family hated.

Tyson Riley Crawford only wanted me for his revenge. I’m nothing more than a debt to be paid. I didn’t have a say in the matter. So when I said my vows before the congregation, I knew I’d break them. Consequences be damned.

Too bad I underestimated my husband and didn’t realize he was more determined to punish me than I was to succeed at escaping. He’ll make me choke on those words I used to bind myself to him.

Yet even he couldn’t have seen what our future held. Ultimately, we’re all just pawns in a game that none of us can win unless you’re willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice … and even that may not be enough.

This story blew me away. It took me days to write this review because I couldn’t stop and it was way too long. It took days before I could pick up another book because this one was so amazing, nothing else compared. I’ve been waiting for Ty’s book since we first met him and this one didn’t disappoint. His story is nothing short of amazing. We’ve gotten bits and pieces of his dark past through The Ritual, Sabotage and The Sinner, so I knew it was going to be good but it exceeded my every expectation. And while I never imagined anyone would surpass Ryat Archer in my esteem, Ty did so easily. Plus, if I’m being honest, I found Ryat to be a bit short with Lake and not very nice to her, so I was pretty peeved at him. I understand why and I suppose he made up for it, but still.

Ty gave up everything years ago to ensure his revenge and nobody knew what was coming, least of all Lake. She’d always been jealous of her sister when Whitney was Ty’s chosen, but for years she’s believed that he murdered Whitney, so she’s incensed at being forced to marry him. Not that Luke would’ve been a great husband but she’d been promised to him for years and he’s better than Ty Crawford. Her loathing of her husband is surpassed only by her attraction to him and she may never forgive her body for being a traitor.

Their story is dark and decadent and moves at full speed from the first page. There’s not a single dull moment and despite the complexities of the story line, it flows perfectly and at just the right pace. I loved everything about this book and these characters. Ty Crawford shot to the top of the book boyfriend list early on in this story and Lake is an outstanding character as well. She’s a complete badass and my new girl crush. Their story is seriously hot even with all the suspense and danger so the intensity here is crazy and so very delicious. This is a story I will read again. I received an ARC from Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review.

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