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Review: The Sinner by Shantel Tessier


I was raised in a world where money and power are at your fingertips. My father is a LORD, a very respected member of a secret society that knows no bounds. When tragedy struck my family, we discovered we weren’t untouchable. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any worse, I was shown what hell is really like. Then he came and saved me. The devil disguised as my personal hero. But of course, nothing is for free. Not when a soul is up for grabs.


Easton Bradley Sinnett—Sin—uses his power for his own sick pleasure. Like a typical Lord, he never thought about the consequences of his actions. I grew up with him, obsessed over him, craved him. He was who I pictured when I imagined doing things my body shouldn’t want.

One day, I realized he was not who I thought he was. It didn’t change anything, though, because I was already too far gone. If anything, I fell for him harder.

Every now and then, someone enters your life who flips it upside down. Sin wrecked me in the worst way, and I thanked him for it by serving on my knees.

As they say, nothing lasts forever. Men like him never stay with a woman like me. I’m what they use, not keep. So when he threw me away, I shouldn’t have been all that surprised.

My body had always craved the darker side of love. The kind that left bruises and scars. I was what most would call unholy. And when the devil whispered in my ear that he loved me, I was more than determined to show him just how devoted I could be.

I love this world of the Lords and Ladies so I couldn’t wait to return. It’s always dark and desperate and full of action so I grabbed this book immediately upon release. Sin is the kind of H you love to hate, but I have to admit there were times I wasn’t sure he was redeemable. Elli is just tragic in every possible way. Her life was a horror story so it’s impossible not to root for her from the beginning. There are times you’ll get angry because she deserves better but then he’ll make you swoon.

Emotional rollercoaster doesn’t even scratch the surface with this one. And it’s dark, like moonless night in the wilderness pitch black. I love that and the author does it so well but this one even surprised me a couple of times. This is a twisted world full of deceit and pain but I did enjoy the ending. Elli was a bit too submissive for my tastes and though it’s obvious how she became that way, I still didn’t like it. I went back and forth a lot on Sin because even when he was trying to show his love, he did a terrible job of it at times.

I would have liked a bit more romance and less kink because it was repetitive in places, which isn’t something I’ve ever experienced before with this author. I enjoyed the story but it doesn’t live up to The Ritual or Sabotage, which are admittedly very high standards both for characters and story. I still enjoyed it very much and highly recommend this book.

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