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Review: Alpha’s Command by Renee Rose + Lee Savino

She’s a human. Forbidden. My brother’s widow. But deep down, my wolf believes she’s mine.

Before my brother died, he made me swear to stand by his human mate and their son. It’s been 10 years since his death, and I’ve done my best. I joined the military, got my sh*& straight.

I sent money but stayed away from Julia and my nephew. Stayed out of their life. She didn’t need a screw-up like me hanging around.

That was the lie I told myself. The truth was, I couldn’t resolve my attraction to her. And I can’t dishonor my brother’s memory by claiming his wife.

But now her pup has entered puberty. He’s become a wolf. He needs me there to guide and protect him.

Julia hasn’t forgiven me for the years I stayed away, but this time I’ll do right by her. I’d do anything for the two of them.

But she’s the one I want to guide. Protect. Command. She’s the one I crave and will until my last breath.

Channing promised his older brother that he would look after Geoffrey’s wife and son if anything should happen to him on a mission. But when tragedy strikes, Channing can only protect them from afar. He knows Julia and Geo need him but he can’t stick around when he realizes that Julia is his fated mate. After all, she’s his brother’s wife so what kind of man – or wolf – would he be if her claimed her?

For years, he watches over them, protecting them from a distance but when Geo begins to shift, he needs guidance. His human mother can’t help and Channing knows he has to step up to be there for his nephew, no matter how hard it might be to be close to Julia again. She’s happy to see him again but angry he’s stayed away for so long because Julia has no idea how Channing struggles with his feelings for her. She wants him but she’ll never open herself to potential pain again and his job is far too dangerous for her to get involved with this man.

But when Julia and her son are taken prisoner to be hunted for sport, she realizes Channing wasn’t the one who brought danger to their doorstep, she did that all on her own. He’s the only one who can save them though. I’m never sure exactly what to make of shifters but I liked the characters and enjoyed their story, even if it’s not my norm. There are lots of crazy secondary and background characters and tons of action in addition to the romance. This was my first book in the series, but definitely won’t be my last.

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