First Line Friday: A Dirty Business by Tijan

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My book is A Dirty Business by Tijan.

Beer and hockey.
That’s where it’s at.
I didn’t know what “it” was and where “it” was, but I was currently sitting at the hockey arena, a beer in hand, watching some holy hottie hockey gods on the ice, so yeah, I was thinking I was where “it” was supposed to be. Life was good. Beer and hockey.

“I gotta take a piss.”

I stifled a grin because only my roommate, who looked like a real-life Barbie, talked in a way that was no way Barbie-like at all. Made me love her even more for it.

About A Dirty Business: An un-put-downable opposites attract mafia romance that you can’t miss. If you haven’t read it yet, stop what you’re doing and read it right now.

When Jess Montell meets Trace West at a hockey game, she doesn’t know his name or occupation. What she does know is there’s an instant attraction that’s impossible to ignore—or forget. And forgetting is exactly what she wants to do when she learns he’s not just a successful Wall Street suit but the heir to one of New York’s biggest Mafia families.

The last thing Trace needs is a romantic anything with law enforcement, and parole officer Jess has trouble written all over her. Too bad he likes trouble. Especially when it’s a brunette bombshell with attitude and legs for days.

She’s an absolute spitfire, and he wants to stoke that flame.

Trace didn’t ask for the Mafia life. Jess doesn’t want any part of it. They both know it’s safer to stay away, but the temptation is too hard to resist—no matter how great the danger.

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