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Review: Don’t Make Me by Renee Rose

I’m the Don’s daughter. A mafia princess. He’s my father’s right-hand man.

When Carlo catches me taking my clothes off in a strip club,
he wants to haul me into my father’s office.
I suggest an alternative–one more pleasurable for both of us.
He can handle my punishment. Dominate me the way he’s always wanted.
Take care of my needs and, most importantly, keep my secret.

But we’re playing with fire.
Every day, I fall a little more for the underboss
and if my father finds out…
It won’t just be my future destroyed.
It could mean Carlo’s life.

Is there anything better than a good forbidden romance? I loved this story. Carlo is the youngest son of a Sicilian don and he’s forced to flee to the US after his jealous, insecure brother orders a hit on Carlo. He’s adopted by an American don who treats him like a son and Carlo is groomed to be the underboss but he has a secret that nobody suspects: He’s in love with the don’s daughter so he’s biding his time until he figures out how to make that happen.

Summer has always lusted after her foster brother, as she calls him, but knows she’s forbidden fruit. He can’t lay a hand on her or it could cost Carlo his life so she has to be content fantasizing about this gorgeous, perfect man. Until the day he walks into the strip club and catches her act. Their attraction explodes but nobody can know. Will they be able to keep this fire under wraps or will it blow up in their faces?

I love these characters and everything about their story. Carlo is sweet and reverent of Summer but also filthy with a lot of kink. Summer’s the perfect daughter to her family, but they have no idea what her life is really like when she gets to drop the façade. These two bring the heat but still manage to make you swoon. I adored this one and can’t wait to check out more of the series. I received an ARC from Literally Yours PR in exchange for an honest review.

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