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ARC Review: Time For You by Renee Harless

I had big plans when I returned home to my small town, but they didn’t include a retired hot-shot hockey player getting in my way.

The last person I wanted to fix up my historic dream home with was the handsome older man, with money to burn, who bought it right out from under me.

But thanks to my father, that’s exactly what happened. Colton Crawford was making my house a home, and I was back in my childhood room, trying not to think of the towering, gorgeous Adonis with a killer smile… and how much I hated him.

Or at least that’s what I tried to tell myself.

Because the more time we were forced to spend together in the dust and debris, the less our age-gap mattered.

And the more the sparks flew.

Colton was used to scoring on the ice, and after a freak storm left us sharing one tiny bed in his metal camper, the heat smoldering between us was hot enough to burn us both.

But just when I thought my sexy, new neighbor might not be so bad, real-life came knocking, reminding us what we walked away from.

Autumn couldn’t wait to leave small-town life behind for the big city and she vowed never to return. Although she loves her family and misses them, even visits are few and far between for this city girl. Until she loses her dream job and the man she expected to spend the rest of her life with in one fell swoop. She heads home to regroup after her life implodes, eager to figure out her next steps when the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself: the historic abandoned home that used to belong to her family is finally coming up for sale, after decades of unsuccessful attempts for locals to contact the absentee owner. Autumn knows this is her chance and though funds are tight, her parents are willing to help her finance her dream.

She can’t believe her luck until Colton Crawford appears out of nowhere and buys her house right out from under her. He was forced to retire from hockey after a serious injury and his reputation is in shambles thanks to his conniving ex. Lost without hockey, he heads to a small town to visit the coach who’s like a father to him and can’t believe his luck when a gorgeous historic house nearby goes up for auction so he quickly jumps on it.

Autumn wants to hate Colton for stealing her house but when he comes to her for help, she does it for the sake of the home, not for him. It doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous but she doesn’t appreciate how irresistible he’s becoming since she’s determined to hate him for outbidding her dreams. Their story is a fun enemies-to-lovers and a great start to a new series that left me wanting more. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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