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Review: Shaken by Bella Matthews

Sawyer Kingston is an A**hole.

The thing is, he’s got everyone fooled. To them, he’s the gorgeous billionaire who owns the hottest bar in the city.

To me, he’s the cocky jerk whose favorite pastime has always been torturing me.

The only thing we’ve ever agreed on is our mutual dislike for each other. But that was before I moved in next-door to him, and we shockingly agreed on something else.

There’s a fine line between love and hate.
The problem is . . . I think I crossed that line.

Sawyer and Wren have known one another their entire lives and they enjoyed friendly competition for much of it. One tragic night tore them apart and showed him to be her enemy. They’ve hated each other ever since so Wren is terribly annoyed after she moved across country from California back to Philadelphia and rented a gorgeous cottage on the lake that he’s her neighbor. The old fire is still there, the rivalry still burning between them . . . except there is that matter of one hot night all those years ago. And the fact that Sawyer doesn’t hate her at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Wren’s wrapped up in a tough shell, but Sawyer is determined to break through her defenses. He knows what they have is real but it won’t be easy to convince Wren. I liked these characters so much, even if Hudson is still my favorite Kingston. All the usual suspects make an appearance, Hudson and Maddie’s baby is on the way, plus Jace has gotten himself into trouble but won’t tell anyone what’s going on, so it’s everything you want from this gang.

These two are fire and ice at first then things heat up in a completely different way. The have a complicated history but want to find their way back to one another and I loved watching them figure it out. I received an ARC from Literally Yours PR in exchange for an honest review.

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