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Excerpt: Sinful Knight by Tracy Lorraine


Sinful Knight by Tracy Lorraine is only a week away! Keep reading for a sneak peek. Sinful Knight is coming February 23.

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The rumble of an engine around the corner hits my ears and I pick up speed, more than ready to be locked safely inside and away from this darkness. 

Anything could happ—

My heart jumps and a scream rips up my throat, but it’s muffled by the hand that claps over my mouth. 

Fingers dig into my upper arm as I’m hauled backwards and slammed up against the rough wall of the club. 

Fear turns my blood to ice as I fight to suck in the air I need through my nose. 

A dark figure looms before me. He’s huge, towering over me by at least a foot, and he’s wide too. Way too big to even attempt to fight off. Even if I knew where to start with that. 

Blakely has been doing self-defence classes for years as part of her training, and she’s always whining about me joining her. I’m now wondering why I never took her up on that offer. 

His hot breath rushes over my face as I tremble in his hold. 

I want to plead, beg, anything to force him to let me go, but I’m powerless. 

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