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Review: Powerless by Elsie Silver

Two childhood friends. Two broken hearts. One impromptu road trip to get away from everything. That’s all this was supposed to be. After all, I’ve been living in the friend zone for years now.

But hockey heartthrob Jasper Gervais isn’t looking at me like a friend anymore. And he isn’t touching me like one either.

To his fans, he’s the handsome, talented athlete on TV. To me, he’s still the lost boy with sad eyes and a heart of gold.

The man I’ve loved in secret for years.

So when my life falls apart on my wedding day, it only makes sense that he’s the one to swoop in and save me. And when his world comes crashing down around him, I’m there to return the favor.

But the more time we spend alone, the more Jasper doesn’t feel like a friend at all. He feels like everything I’ve ever wanted and thought I could never have.

Our feelings aren’t straightforward though. They twist and turn around the pain of his past and the reality of my present.

Jasper Gervais acts like he wants me.

But after years of turning me away, he’s going to need to prove it.

Jasper had my attention when we met him in Rhett and Summer’s story, so I was looking forward to his story and it did not disappoint. It starts with a runaway bride, which I love, and just kept getting better. Sloane spent summers on her uncle’s ranch and it was the best time of her life. Her cousins were exactly what this lonely only child needed but things got even more interesting when Beau adopted Jasper Gervais. He and Sloane had an instant connection despite their age difference and became the best of friends.

She had the biggest crush on him but the age gap was too much. Having him turn her down for prom was crushing but he was twenty-four years old. She tried to get over it and move on, but her heart wasn’t in it, which is how she ended up engaged to Sterling Woodcock because of her father’s business deal. Sloane came close to marrying him, but had an eleventh hour epiphany so Jasper helped her escape.

I loved these two, just everything about them. They’re funny and sweet and their friendship was so strong. It took them both some time to admit they have feelings for one another but they figured it out eventually, although they still faced some bumps in the road. They’re great together and easily my favorite couple of the series but I also loved Sloane’s girl gang, especially her instant connection to Winter, who gets more complex and fascinating every time we see her.

Their group texts were the best, but Willa stole the show with her shameless advice and complete lack of filter. Jasper is damaged but much stronger than he gives himself credit for and his relationship with his brothers is adorable. This book was too good to put down and it was over too soon, but I loved every minute.

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