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Review: Runaway by Ivy Smoak

To the first boy I ever loved.
I intended to keep my promises to you. I swear. I loved you, Matthew Caldwell. With my whole heart. I think a piece of me will always love you.
But it all came crashing down when I realized you didn’t keep your promises to me.
I refuse to take any of my days for granted. I learned that the hard way.
So I’m sorry. But I can’t keep my promises to someone who didn’t keep theirs.

-Brooklyn Sanders

Emotional rollercoaster is an understatement for this book. No matter what you’re expecting here, it’s almost guaranteed to shock you. That’s not a bad thing in my opinion, I love this story, but will warn you not to go into this with any specific expectations because this book is one wild ride. Brooklyn has been my favorite throughout the series, even if I don’t always like the choices she makes but seeing how she’s changed is just, wow. It’s impossible to say much without being a spoiler so I’ll just say that Brooklyn is amazing and this book left me wanting more EH, but I didn’t love the ending. I hope it’s another twist that’s supposed to surprise us later because I honestly hate the ending, but this is EH at it’s best. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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