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Review: Hunt Her by Kelly Finley

Is the hottest love worth a lethal life?

Charlie Ravenel wasn’t supposed to fall in love on the job, not with the Sexiest Man Alive. But her record of following rules is shot to hell. As a bodyguard and former Marine, she’s ruthless at protecting women. As one with dark secrets, she was safe until she fell for him.

But how could she resist? He’s wanted by millions… yet he only pursues her.

Daniel Pierce is a sexy, A-list celebrity—a dream on the screen and a beautiful beast in bed. When Charlie walked onto set, this alpha male met his match and his greatest love. And… he met danger.

What threatens them more? A stalker intent on revenge? Crazed paparazzi and fans for the alluring couple? A past Daniel can’t tell her about? Or a haunt Charlie fears?

If they can survive it all, there is such passion and love between them, and a surprise future they must protect.

There’s only one problem—everyone is hunting her now.

I couldn’t wait for more Charlie and Daniel and they did not disappoint. They’re so in love and happy, despite the challenges of his celebrity. It’s not easy, but they’ll deal with it because being together is the only thing that matters. Their love is sweet and hot and everything I wanted for them, but paparazzi isn’t their biggest problem. Charlie has a stalker and Daniel still has a secret he hasn’t shared.

This is full of action, suspense and heat, I couldn’t put it down. It does end on a cliffhanger of sorts so fair warning, but that’s all I will say. I love these characters and the way their story is unfolding and can’t wait for more. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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