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Review: Wicked Lies by Renee Harless

I had a new life.
One that I fought for.
One that I lied for.
One that I would do anything to protect.

No one knew about the secrets that kept me awake at night.

I fought tooth and nail to keep everyone at arm’s length.
Until a woman I hadn’t seen since childhood showed up on my doorstep.
Keeley Fox wanted answers, but all that I could give her were lies.

Lies that would shield her from the nastiness of my past. A past that collided with hers and could destroy the pretty world that she lived in.
One push from her became too much and I savored her downfall, except she took me down with her.
Now I was exposed to all of Wellington University and that reputation I had built was a pile of bricks at my feet.

The greatest lie of all was that love was worth the fight.

Keeley is a sweet introvert in a tough situation when a friend of a friend steps in to help her out. She’s temporarily homeless and sneaking into the library to sleep when Link insists she take his brother’s room in a shared apartment. It’s a good deal, the rent is paid but his brother is studying abroad so it’s a dream come true. The only hitch in the plan is that she’s suddenly roommates with another brother, Chance. He’s the hottest guy she’s ever seen but possibly also the most rude and infuriating person ever.

There’s instant conflict because Chance resents her presence but he’s incredibly drawn to her and it’s more than just physical attraction. Keeley feels the same way but she knows Chance will only break her heart so despite his many talents, it’s a bittersweet arrangement. They both have some baggage but she seems to deal with hers just fine while Chance really struggles with his past.

I liked Keeley immediately and she kept improving because she seemed so meek at first but she proved to be confident and able to stand up for herself. Chance was a bit tougher to like initially because he’s extremely abrasive but that was understandable and forgivable as more of his past is revealed. He had his sweet moments too but wow, is he one seriously hot and dirty guy. I love the mouth on him. Their story is tragic but ends in HEA and it’s damn steamy. This book was a bit too short and I wish there had been more because everything happened so fast and I still had a few questions after it was over. More detail would have been much appreciated but I still really liked it. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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