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Review: The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams

Is it ever too late to leave the friend zone?

Hi, my name is Bree Camden, and I’m hopelessly in love with my best friend and star quarterback Nathan Donelson (as is half of America, judging by the tabloids and how much the guy dates). The first step is admitting, right? Except I can never admit it to him because he clearly doesn’t see me that way, and the last thing I want is for things to get weird between us.

Nothing but good old-fashioned, no-touching-the-sexiest-man-alive, platonic friendship for us! Everything is exactly how I like it! Yes. Good. (I’m not crying, I’m just peeling an onion.)

Our friendship is going swimmingly until I accidentally spill my beans to a reporter after too much tequila, and now the world seems to think Nathan and I belong together. Oh, and did I mention we have to date publicly for three weeks until after the Super Bowl because we signed a contract with…oops, forgot I can’t tell anyone about that!

Bottom line is, now my best friend is smudging all the lines and acting very un-platonic, and I’m just trying to keep my body from bursting into flames every time he touches me. How am I going to make it through multiple weeks of fake dating Nathan without anything changing between us? Especially when it almost-sorta-kinda seems like he’s fighting for a completely different outcome?

Send help.
XO Bree

This is a cute friends-to-lovers story with some but-we-can’t angst and you can hardly blame her. Bree may be his best friend but he’s got women throwing themselves at his feet so she knows it could never end well. If she makes a move, Nathan would date her out of pity then break up with her because he’d quickly get bored and their friendship would go up in flames. There’s no way she’ll risk her best friend because she’d rather pine for him and see him with someone else than not have him in her life at all.

Nathan doesn’t think Bree sees him that way so he’s never made a move either, but he’s head over heels for this girl and everyone can see it except her. This may have gone on forever but her drunken confession and his friends pushing him to get his girl already set off a chain of events that changes everything. I love the characters. Bree is normal and grounded, she could be any one of your friends. Nathan is hot, sweet and a secret romantic, which just makes him even more lovable. His friends and her sister make for a great supporting cast bringing lots of comic relief.

There are no surprises here but it’s romantic, sweet and funny. There’s not a lot of steam but they’re so cute I didn’t really miss it.

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