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Review: Winning Mr. Wrong by C.W. Farnsworth

Mr. Wrong /ˈmistər rôNG/ noun: the polar opposite of the perfect man. “A prime example of Mr. Wrong is a certain quarterback incapable of letting a grudge go.”

A reality television dating show was never part of my post-college plan. Nearly broke, unemployed, recently dumped me let my best friend Haley decide it should be.

They say don’t make life-altering decisions after five shots of tequila, and I now believe whoever coined that phrase.

We all have rough patches, right? When nothing sounds better than snuggling on the couch in your favorite sweats, inhaling chocolate?

Well, I’ve signed up for the glamorous version. Designer dresses. Poolside lounge chair. Open bar.

Unfortunately, my free vacation takes a turn from mildly humiliating to full-on mortification when the identity of the man I’m meant to woo is revealed.

What are the chances he’ s the quarterback I accidentally insulted on national television six months ago? Turns out they’re pretty good.

Famous athletes receive plenty of press coverage. Odds he remembers my constructive criticism? Turns out they’re also pretty good.

Thanks to a one-way plane ticket and a thirty-page contract I probably should have read before signing, I’m forced to follow through. To embark on a journey around the world with a man who hates me and the twenty-four other women he’s “dating” that will be forever enshrined on film for millions to watch weekly.

All to win Mr. Wrong.

This is the deliciously funny story of a buzzed Embry insulting a sports icon and then ending up vying for his proposal on a reality show. Embry is so relatable because who hasn’t put their foot in their mouth? It’s a religion for me so we’re soul sisters. Things could be better for her since she just lost her job but she’s determined to enjoy her free vacation when she learns her BFF signed her up for a reality dating show. Until she arrives to discover that the guy on the show is none other than the stranger she insulted in a now-viral clip after one too many at a football game.

There’s initially animosity but also a growing attraction that they both fight. The banter between these two is fantastic and Embry in particular is hilarious. This is a fun story and I loved every minute. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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