Taken by Skye Warren
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Book Review: Taken by Skye Warren

A breathless dangerous romance between…
– An ex-military man who believes he has no honor left, and
– A reclusive author on a mission to save her sister

This is the complete Diamonds trilogy in one collection.

Kidnapped. Stolen. Taken. I’m thrown into a cell in a French prison. But I’m not alone. There’s someone in here with me. Someone more dangerous than the men who brought me here.

This book caught my interest because it’s a prequel and trilogy put together for the first time. The Diamonds trilogy is all intrigue and suspense with some heat. Holly had a chance encounter with an attractive man eight years ago, when she traveled to Paris on a family vacation as a teen. Now she’s traveling there to look for her missing travel blogger sister, only to be kidnapped. As though London’s disappearance and being kidnapped aren’t shocking enough, she’s amazed to learn that Elijah is a fellow prisoner in the dungeon where she’s held hostage.

Their story is dark but riveting and the characters are easy to love. The mystery elements are dramatic and hooked me right away, but don’t overshadow the romance. My only issue is that this story is a bit wordier than necessary and the pace is at times too slow. I usually read books straight through but this one took multiple starts and stops for those reasons, but I still enjoyed Holly and Elijah’s story very much.

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