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Review: Reckless by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

This book manages to be a fun romantic comedy while handling heavy subject matter in a respectful way to give us suspense. That’s impressive because it’s no easy task. Megan and Dimitri have great chemistry and I loved the banter between them. He’s an experienced operator, level-headed and smooth, while she’s a wild card who may harm their efforts as much as she helps, yet they work well together.

This story is written in third person POV and I’m not a fan at all. That always sucks some of the enjoyment out of a story. I try hard not to let it bother me but unless a story is so excellent as to warrant ten stars on a scale of one to five, it’s a huge distraction. I enjoyed their story but can’t help wondering if it would’ve been great instead of just good had the author used first person POV.

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by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Book Blitz September 2021

Reckless by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

The new London office of Benson Security hasn’t even opened its doors yet and already it’s neck deep in its first case…

Dimitri Raast and Megan Donaldson have a common enemy—the head of an organisation that specialises in human trafficking. They have similar motivation—Dimitri’s sister was taken by the organisation, and Megan’s sister is threatened by it. They have the same goal—eliminate their enemy and save their sisters. Given they have so much in common, you would think working together would be a piece of cake.

You would be wrong.

While Dimitri brings skills and experience from years as a US army ranger to their partnership, Megan brings a background in failed career choices and an ability to cause trouble wherever she goes. Yet, even with so much at stake, Dimitri can’t resist Megan’s particular brand of crazy. She’s wild, she’s sexy and she’s fearless. An irresistible combination for a man who lives his life completely in control. Now, after almost a year with one all-consuming focus, Dimitri finds himself torn between rescuing his sister and protecting the woman he wants from herself.

Before she gets them both killed.

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